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im new, and this comunity looks pretty dead, but sounds awesome so anyway jeres my five fav things of things

Top 5 Books;
1 Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend
2 The Curious incident Of the Dog In The Night Time
3 High Fidelty by Nick Hornby
4 Yes Man! by Danny Wallace
5 Cash: The Autobigraphy of Johnny Cash by Johnny Cash

Top 5 Movies:
1 Quadrophenia
2 Freddy Got Fingered
3 Pulp Fiction
4 The Great Escape
5 Donnie Darko

Top 5 TV Shows
1 Doctor Who
2 Lost
3 Gonzo
4 Nevermind The buzzcocks
5 Later... With Jools Holland

Top 5 Bands
1 The Young Knives
2 Graham Coxon
3 The Specials
4 The Futureheads
5 Reel Big Fish

top 5 Random things I Like
1 Music
2 Comics
3 Skateboarding
4 Eating
5 Sleeping
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