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Rick Day

Keller Williams at The Tablenacle 9-16-05

I live across the street, basically, from a live music venue called The Tabernacle. It used to be the old baptist temple of Atlanta.

Three of us went to see Keller Williams. Teddy has seen him at Bonaroo. It was my wife and mine first, although I know about him on X-M radio (Music Lab, one of my fav channels on X-M).

Totally a sellout show it was elbow to asshole. Everyone was groovin to this guy. If you do not know, he is a one man band, he lays a funky lick and samples it, then goes on to another instrument and samples and repeats that and layer and layer until the thing sounds like a 6 pc band. HE vocalizes his high hat and drum samples. He also has a bad ass trombone sound he does from his mouth. He does sets like a DJ, with some common licks thoughout and no pauses (except for a set break)

Full 3 hr show with an encore. He did some covers (Dead, phish, billy joel, paul simon etc). Awesome, I recommend it to anyone who appreciates great talents and jam band style grooves. First set was mainly insturmental and 2nd set was more vocals.

Three blocks away, at Phillips Arena (the big venue) Motley Crue was performing. A bunch of people somehow got into the KW show and informed folks that MC had only played one set. After a half hour of waiting, some roadie came out and said that Vince Neal had hurt his leg badly and was being rushed to a hospital. Show over, Good night and go now.

Heh, never like MC anyway....

Next shows: Paul Mc Beatle on Tuesday At Phillips, Rusted Root at the Roxy and Elton John at Phillips. Normally I do not do so many shows but my birthday month is coming up soon...will be 50, gawd!

I hope this was all appropriate for this community.

I am

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